Gothenburg Wedding Photographer

So, you´re getting married in Gothenburg or Göteborg, Sweden. Great, I´m a wedding photographer in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Hi, my name is David Berg and I love to shoot weddings. There´s nothing better than to be part of, and document a wedding day. For me the most important when it comes to the photos is emotion. It doesn´t matter if you shoot a technically perfect wedding image if it lacks emotion. I shoot simple straightforward photos. Usually in natural light and rarely posed.

The wedding portraits are for many the most important photos on a wedding day but I like to shoot the whole day and document everything that happens because a wedding is so much more than the portraits! I like to tell stories with photos and to do that I need time.

Essential to get good personal and honest photos is to trust one another and you don´t do that unless you know each other. That´s why my pre-wedding meetings with couples are also ”get to know each other” meetings.

This is just the most essential and I´ve got a bit more info on my swedish page which you can find here.


My prices start at SEK17200 for a 5 hour package. Contact me for a complete pricelist.


The best way to get in touch is email:

David Berg
Burgårdsgatan 13
41252 Göteborg

+46 73 9230446